Hey Mama! {Music Review}

One of my favorite features of Spotify(a music streaming service for your computer and some mobile devices) is being able to hear what other people are listening to.  You can use your iTunes account and share your playlists with your Spotify friends.  (You can also search specific artists or songs and listen to just that.)  So here I am listening to everybody’s music and I run across the lovely Alli Worthington’s 2010-2011 playlist.  It included songs from some of my favorite artists.  And nestled in between those songs was “Hey Mama“, which I loved from the moment it first started playing.  Go ahead and click that link.  And then try not to dance.  No matter what we’re doing when it comes on, our house becomes a dance floor for 3 minutes.

So when One2One Network had the opportunity to review the whole album, Young Love, I snapped that up immediately!  I.love.this.album.  Several of my friends were familiar with Mat and his music because he was at Blissdom this past year, but I was a little busy that weekend and missed out.  But I’m making up for lost time!  We have had this music on non-stop since I got it in the mail last week.  The music is fun and catchy and the lyrics aren’t just fluff.  “Count on Me” is full of brilliant play on words and it took listening to it several times and reading the lyrics before I finally caught it all.

It is not often that I can say this: I like every single song on this album.


And for those of you near me?  Guess what?  He’s going to be one of the first acts back in the Georgia Theatre!  I was SO excited when I found out about that, but I can’t go because we already have something big planned that night.

Tickets are only $17!  And I promise that you’ll see a fabulous show!  (Doors open at 8.  Mat starts at 10.)

Wanna know more about Mat and Young Love?
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Or pop on over to iTunes and download the whole albumfor only $9.99.

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