Daily Archives: 11:07 am

Wishes and Dreams

The morning light is flickering through the leaves,
filtering through the blinds and then finally…
softly dancing on your cheek.

And I know it’s time to wake you.

But this moment is so still that it seems frozen.
This for which I keep wishing
-for time to freeze –
has finally happened.

(But it won’t last long.)

And though it was my wish,
I am glad I will not get my way for long.
See, I want to freeze this moment…
but I also want today and tomorrow to come alive.

Instead of nudging you or calling your name,
I slip under the covers with you,
feeling the warmth of your skin on mine.
And you begin to stir, but settle yourself into the crooks of my body
that were seemingly made for you, a perfect fit.

I am constantly amazed at how you change, how you grow.
And yet somehow, you are never too big to fit in in my arms
(or my heart).