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Simplicity of Static

Heather of The EO presented a challenge last week.
Ok, so it’s not so much a challenge as a call to simplicity.
Staring one.single.tiny.moment in the eye and packaging it up nice & pretty.
Or maybe not so pretty.
Even if the moment isn’t beautiful,
Let the capturing of the moment be.


riding with the windows down
we are windblown and happy <full stop>

the exuberant sound of laughter is muffled by the deluge of wind
flooding my senses, leaving me feeling as if it is all a dream,
or maybe I am miles away from this moment

but i am not <full stop>

for once, for once…
i am fully here <full stop and deep breath>

i glance into my rear view mirror
and i count them
always with the counting!
always checking off each of my little ducks
tell me that you love me more <pause to sing>

they scream with all that is within them
and i don’t scream back
no shushing or reprimands
no “don’t wake the baby”s

they scream with all that is within them
and they look at each other and giggle
and smile (and it makes me smile)

they scream with all that is within them
and yet the world hears nothing <breath mark>
their voices swallowed whole by static noise
but they don’t mind
(or even seem to notice)

because they aren’t screaming for the world
they are screaming to feel free
they are screaming to get it out
they are screaming because they can
and they don’t care who hears
or if anybody hears it at all


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