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People poured out blessings upon us both.
Heartwarming and humbling,
their words filled my ears.
I heard it all, and it settled in the warm spot between my heart and my stomach.
(I am certain that is where my soul resides.)

Words – my love language – find me again today and rain down in my mind.
The moment rises once again, catches in my throat on the way up.
And warmth floods my whole being.

I am chosen.
Say it slowly.
(And so are you.)

To be whole.
And honest.
And good.

To be loving.
And kind.
And faithful.

To be who you be.
To love who you be.
To share who you be.

I am ordained.
But I am no wiser.
No holier.
No prettier.
No fancier.
No more perfect and polished.

If anything, I am more broken.
My heart, my soul filled with love and cracked wide open.
And I’m not quite ready to put it all back together.
(Maybe I never will be.)


Just Write

Heather of the EO invited us to Just Write with her.
Don’t you want to join us?