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Tale of Two Dresses

When we found out that Anna Alden was a girl, Lydia was so very excited.
From very early on, Lydia has been asking if they can be “twins”.
But because most of their clothes are hand-me-downs or thrift finds, that hasn’t been easy to do.
Until now.

Several years ago, I bought this dress at consignment for Lydia.
It was out-of-season for her and I knew it might only be wearable for a few weeks,
But I liked it and it was only $2 at consignment (c. 2007), so I bought it.

And then today I was searching through rack after rack when I saw this out of the corner of my eye:

Can you believe that?  Two identical dresses in the perfect sizes bought 4 years apart.

And then there’s this one that I bought at a different consignment sale a few weeks ago: 

And today I see this one in the perfect size:

Aren’t they going to be the cutest little duo?


Pardon the crappy cell phone pictures.  The dresses are a lot cuter in person (and on my little people).