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The Tale of a Happy Hat

Y’all probably think I’m crazy.
But if you didn’t before, you will now.

I somehow managed to find myself alone in a store with no deadline.
I wandered – meandered really – down every.single.aisle.
And look at what I found.
ZOMG…the awesome.

(And I am totally rockin’ the TMNT look, if I do say so myself.)

I was standing there trying on hats when a <sarcasm>lovely</sarcasm> employee <sarcasm>kindly</sarcasm> reminded me that I’m not supposed to try on the merchandise and take pictures.  So I hung them all back up and kept walking.

Lo-and-behold, two minutes later I found myself in another aisle of happy hats!
It was just too tempting to not take more pictures.
And so I did.

For the record, I will never be as adorable as Vivi.
But I will always crack myself up with owl jokes.
(Click to enlarge.)

(Also?  I have funny friends.)

Who knew that one little hat could make me so happy?
I really wish I could buy one for each of you…