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The Things We Do

“Mommy, you will lay down wif me?”
“Yes, baby…I will lay down wif you.”

He places my arm in juuuust the right spot and settles in.
But as soon as he’s still, I feel his body tense ever-so-slightly.
And he turns to me, cups my face in his hands
And says “I luf you, Mommy”
And kisses me quickly.

I close my eyes and pretend to sleep, hoping he’ll follow my lead.
And as I slowly crack my one eye open,
I see him staring at me.
He catches me breaking the rules
And we both giggle.

I pull him in closer and close my eyes for real.
He closes his and almost immediately, his breath falls into the rhythmic pattern of sleep.
(How do people do that?)

My arm numb and fingers tingly,
my heart can’t convince my mind to move.
(And I am oh-so-glad.)

All the stuff to do isn’t nearly as important as the thing I’m doing.

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