Chasing Change

i wish i could capture the sound of the wind.
the ebb and flow of static,
the gentle caress upon my skin,
the chill bumps not from cold but from exhilaration.

i wish i could capture the feel of mist.
the clouds leaning down and brushing the earth,
the gentleness of almost nothing settling down on my hairs,
but not quite strong enough to reach my skin.

i wish i could capture the display of summer dancing with fall.
the bright pinks and greens not fading,
only changing to the glorious golds and deep, rich reds.
and though it seems as if the change happened overnight…
they have been preparing a life time for this moment.

i wish i could capture the smell of right here, right now.
apples baking, bathed in cinnamon and sugar,
and butter.
the first bite, so luscious and smooth.
i close my eyes and drink it all in.

i have been chasing change.
trying to capture it, to hold it,
and immerse myself in the chase.

but guess what?
it was not i who found it,
but it who found me.

One Response to Chasing Change
  1. Christy
    October 24, 2011 | 10:25 am

    So lovely. And I enjoy the actual shape of your words. Thanks for my coffee break reading!