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According to Carter

When he was three, he learned about condensation.
He told everyone he met all about condensation.
That’s how he is.
Not in a know-it-all kind of way,
But a oh-my-goodness-can-you-believe-this kind of way.

He grabs on to bits and pieces (big bits and pieces) of truth
And he gnaws on them for weeks, months
Until finally it is a part of him.
And then he can’t help but share it with you!
His excitement is palpable.
His face serious, but bright.
The words pour out of his mouth,
But come from much, much deeper.

Can we watch How The Universe Works tonight? 

Not tonight, buddy.
It’s late.
Maybe tomorrow.

What about Friday?  
Can we watch it Friday night?
Because we can stay up sooo late on Friday night, right, Mommy?

He could probably quote Mike Rowe word for word on the Supernova one.
But it never gets old to him.
And so we watch it over and over and over.
And then our hearts swell when we hear him do this:
How The Universe Works (According to Carter)
(Click ↑that↑ link if you can’t see an audio player right ↓there↓.)
(He doesn’t start talking until about 5 seconds in.)

I pray he always keeps this sense of wonder and curiosity about the world.
I pray he continues to ask questions and think for himself.
And I pray that I’m around to see how he’s gonna change the world.