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Nine Months of Moments

There are moments when it feels like you have always been here, always been a part of us.
And then there are moments when it feels like you just got here.

There are moments that I love looking at you, with your one-tooth grin.
But there are moments that I’m sad the gummy grin is beginning to fade.

You are The-One-Who-Must-Be-Held and there are moments when that is exhausting.
But there are more moments when I am just so happy to have you here that I can’t put you down.

There are many, many moments that I just watch.
Watch you grow.
Watch you learn.
Watch you play.

I am grateful for all the moments I have with you.
You made us complete.
We love you.
(Especially when you purse your lips like this and roll your tongue over that little tooth.)