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12 Crafts of Christmas {Button and Lego Wall Art}

When I first saw these on Pinterest, I knew that I would be making at least one as a Christmas gift.
I l.o.v.e. the way they turned out.

And you only need a few things: a canvas (this is 8×10), legos or buttons or beads, paint, paint brush, glue gun

For the girl one, I used left-over paint from Carter and Lydia’s room re-do last year.
For the other one, I used some old red paint I already had.
When the paint was almost dry, I gently applied a liiiiiitle bit of white to give it a little distressed look.
(You could, of course, leave the background one solid color.)
(Or mod podge on some scrapbook paper or fabric.)

I initially only planned on doing a cutesty girl one (hence the jewels in the above picture that didn’t make the cut),
But decided that you could easily do a boy one with something like Legos or tiny plastic bugs or coins.

After the paint was completely dry, I laid out all my pieces onto the canvas.

For the flower button one,
I figured out where I wanted everything to go and I hot glued it into place.

For the lego one,
I started by gluing the legos directly to the canvas, but couldn’t get it straight enough.
So I decided to hot glue the pieces together and then glue the whole thing onto the canvas.

I am so excited about these!  Aren’t you?

What other materials might you use?

12 Crafts of Christmas 2011
1. Personalized Necklaces
2. Button and Lego Wall Art
3. Personalized ClipBoards
4. Fabric Covered Wire(Wall Art) 
5. Stationary
6. You & Me Books
7. Personalized Welcome Mat
8. Personalized Dessert Carrier
9. Kid’s Artwork Cup
10. Ornaments
11. Sewing Tutorials
12. Photo Display Block