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12 Crafts of Christmas {Fabric-Covered Wire Art}

A while back, I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine.
I kept meaning to try it, but never ended up with the time or resources.

A few weeks after I saw it, my friend Jesse told me that she’d seen the same thing.
Only she actually made it and I just thought about making one.

So tonight I sat down and started working on these.
They don’t take long, but they are addictive!

I was planning on doing just one and ended up doing 5!

Soooo…you’ll need some kind of thick-ish wire.  (I had some 14 gauge galvanized wire left over from another project.)
A pair of wire cutters and a pair of pliers.  And fabric scraps.


For the first one, I wanted to make something Christmas-y, so I bent the top part of the wire into a star shape and then just zig-zagged the rest of the way down.  (Mine is about 10″ tall.)

Then I tied one piece of my ribbon onto the wire and started just wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.
When you get to the end of your piece of fabric, just tie on another one and keep going (making sure to wrap up the knot you just made).

Once I had wrapped up the entire thing and tie off the end, I cut smaller bits of multi-colored fabric and added “ornaments” to my tree.

And as if it wasn’t late enough last night (about 1am), I decided that I had to make something else.
So I made a little wire flower to match Anna Alden’s room.  (I think I may make a bunch of them and put them on her walls.)


And then I was on a roll and thought, “I should make a monogram one!”
So I did:

What other designs can you think of?
I was thinking a Mickey Mouse would be cute.
Or do the whole alphabet and put it on the wall.
Gosh, y’all!  I better go buy more wire.

12 Crafts of Christmas 2011
1. Personalized Necklaces
2. Button and Lego Wall Art
3. Personalized ClipBoards
4. Fabric Covered Wire(Wall Art) 
5. Stationary
6. You & Me Books
7. Personalized Welcome Mat
8. Personalized Dessert Carrier
9. Kid’s Artwork Cup
10. Ornaments
11. Sewing Tutorials