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12 Crafts of Christmas {Stationary}

I really love getting letters in the mail.
Once upon a time I was really great about sending letters in the mail.
Now…I just cannot manage to get it done.

But I loooove stationary and my once very full stash has dwindled to nearly nothing.

So here are a few that I’ve been working on:

I fell so in love with wrapped wire letters that I brought it over to stationary.


First I used a smaller gauge wire and made my letter, leaving a little bit of the wire sticking out.
After wrapping the letter, I punched a tiny hole in the card and inserted the uncovered wire.
Folding it down, I secured it with tape.
Since I didn’t want the card recipient to see the taped wire, I used red cardstock to make a liner.

And I recently also fell in love with hand embroidered paper.  It’s super easy.
For both of the ones you see below, I drew the design by free hand in pencil,
but you could easily print out a design from your computer.
(You’d probably want to print in light gray, not black.)

I took a sharp tipped needle and pre-made the holes.
Then I simply sewed up the line with embroidery thread.
(What you see on both of these is 3 strands of thread.)
I obviously haven’t finished the bottom one yet.  🙂




And I because my kids like to craft as much as I do, I decided to do one that was kid-friendly.
Carter and Lydia fell in love with leaf rubbings this fall. (And, honestly, I’d forgotten how fun it could be!)
And so I decided to cut out a Christmas shape and do a rubbing of it.
(I used a tree for this one, but plan on using other shapes, too – maybe Santa silhouette or stocking or reindeer.)

Suuuuuper easy once you cut out your shape.
Don’t feel confident that you can draw the shape you want?
Google “Christmas tree coloring sheet” and you’ll get tons of line-drawn options that are perfect for this!
Print it out from your computer, cut around the edges and color away!


12 Crafts of Christmas 2011
1. Personalized Necklaces
2. Button and Lego Wall Art
3. Personalized ClipBoards
4. Fabric Covered Wire(Wall Art) 
5. Stationary
6. You & Me Books
7. Personalized Welcome Mat
8. Personalized Dessert Carrier
9. Kid’s Artwork Cup
10. Ornaments
11. Sewing Tutorials
12. Photo Display Block