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Bringing Back the Bliss

I have so, so very much to write down about Blissdom.  As always, it was perfectly sparkly and wonderful and happy.
I want to tell you about sitting down to dinner with people I’ve admired for years and became friends with in seconds.
I want to tell you about meeting new people who danced right into my heart, took off their shoes & planned to stay awhile.

I want to tell you about staying up late and giggling about silly things like boys and clouds of cologne.
(And about ninjas and monkeys and saying inappropriate things to inappropriate people.)
I want to tell you about sitting on the stairs and laughing and sitting in a session and tearing up.
I want to tell you about the sessions that pushed me to reach deeper and about the ideas that came to life.

I want to tell you that Blissdom is a blogging conference, but it is so.much.more.
Blissdom is about friendships and inspiration and life changing.
Blissdom is about laughing and crying and enjoying the moments more than you thought you could.
Blissdom is about finding your bliss and bringing it back home with you.

(Also?  There are a loooooot more pictures to come.  I’ll post a link to my flickr stream soon!)