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Splash and Smile

We got in the pool.  In March.
Even for Georgia, that’s early.

(Oh.my.stars.  Look at that adorable baby!)

The baby loved it, even if it was a bit cold.


My big boy, who has a love-hate relationship with water, jumped in!

My little fish ran straight off the diving board with not a single shred of hesitation.


And my little man splashed and smiled and splashed and smiled.

We had dinner with friends and we talked to real!live!adults!
while the children played hide-and-go-seek.
It was so very nice that we didn’t feel time passing.
And so we came home late and slipped the children into their beds.
Then Marshall and I sat out back on pollen-covered chairs in the cool night air and talked quietly.
And we looked up at what seems to be a vast nothing-ness but is really this massive huge-ness.
That always blows my mind.

Y’all…this is my life!
(Sometimes I just have to say that out loud.)