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A hundred thousand pictures

I have a hundred thousand pictures from the past week or so.
Starting with the egg drop testing and ending with a splash in the pool.
There are so many moments I snapped with my camera but so many more that I captured with my mind.
I want to, I need to write it all down before I forget.
I can already feel the memories barely begin to crackle.
(It’s amazing how quickly that happens.)

Look at how she looks at them, to them.
And how he hangs on.
His enthusiasm and her excitement.
And oh, my heart explodes.

What I would give to live these days over and over!
They have been so, so very wonderful.

But if we stayed in this moment forever,
We’d never know the rest of their stories.
And I know that no matter how great it is right now,
There’s something greater to come.
Just look at them…

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