Daily Archives: 12:22 pm

It’s not just the plants that are growing.

Last month I planted a garden.
And it hasn’t died.
It actually seems to be doing surprisingly well.

We have carrots and peas and beans and spinach.
Tomatoes, radishes, more tomatoes, and even broccoli.
Strawberries and watermelon and we had cantaloupe but I think the rabbits got it.
Oh, and corn…but we bought that by accident.  (Long story.)
(But it ends with: You should always look to see what your children put in the cart.)

Last week I baked bread.  Twice.
And it was whole wheat.
No picture because we devoured it.
But I bought more yeast.

I exercise at least 3 times a week, usually more.
Sometimes it’s just pulling the wagon to the playground.
But if you’ve ever pulled a wagon of two, you’ll know that it’s most certainly exercise!

And we’re considering homeschool for next year.
Our schools here are really great schools,
But I can’t stop thinking about it.
My heart and gut say ‘try it’.
And so we probably will.

I’m not quite certain who I’ve become.
But I really like her.