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1 Week News

Last Sunday, Carter made a list for the week.
The week was abnormally full of very fun things and he wanted “to remember it forever.”

On Sunday evening Marshall and I had a meeting.
My mom usually helps us when that happens, but she and my dad were on a mission trip.
So a dear friend, Claudette (or cadet, as you see above), kept all 4 of our hooligans.

On Monday, we had special visitors!

Marshall’s brother and his new wife came to visit with their two dogs and cat.
The new dog wasn’t getting along with the older dog and we were able to find her a new home!
(Social media FTW!)

Tuesday was our annual Bubble Bash and we all had so much fun!

When our friends arrived, everyone was happily dressed.
At some point Asa decided to ditch the swim suit and wear nothing but bubbles.

On Wednesday, our new (old) piano was delivered!

It is a gorgeous upright grand piano that belonged to Marshall’s grandmother.
The children are fascinated with it and I am so happy to have a piano in the house again!

Thursday was my birthday.
We had lunch together as a family and then the kids and I ventured to the local bookstore for books and cupcakes!
Later we had some friends over for dinner and they brought a cookie cake.
When my friend went to pick it up, she asked the bakery guy if he could write on it.
He told her that he wasn’t very good at it but he would try.

When the children saw it, Lydia read it aloud: “Happy bi-dey Bridget!”
(Oh, the jokes that came from that one!)

On Friday we dropped Alden off with Marshall’s parents and went to the Braves game.
Even in well-over-100° weather, we had the best time!
It was a late night, but so very, very worth it.
They liked the game, but the fireworks were the ‘funnest’ part.

Saturday was supposed to bring a trip to The Rock Ranch, but it was just too blasted hot.
So we stayed home and played Hot Wheels races and read books and hung out together.
It was a lazy-daisy perfect day.

Sunday was a perfect end to a wonderful week.
Lunch with friends.
Visiting with my parents and Marshall’s parents.
Sitting and watching a storm pass by.

I am so very grateful for these days, these moments.