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She Reads Truth

I have several bibles, but I hardly ever read them.
Once I found the YouVersion bible app, I haven’t read a paper bible at all.
They have it for almost every mobile operating system and for desktop.
You can read almost any translation available (a wide variety of English translations as well as hundreds of other languages).
Having all of these translations at my fingertips has helped me greatly with really understanding what I’m reading.

When I first got the app, I noticed it had a ton of bible study guides available within the app.
You start the bible study (or Reading Plan) and it keeps up with your progress.
You can even set it to send you reminders to do your daily reading.

A few months ago I kept seeing the hashtag on my instagram stream: #shereadstruth
It was always attached to pictures that were inspiring and uplifting.
And so I clicked around and found the source: She Reads Truth website.

It’s a group of women doing a virtual bible study.
You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want.
You can read it on your own or you can interact with the #shereadstruth community.

When I first started doing this (I started a little late and had to catch up), they were doing the Soul Detox devotional.
I really, really enjoyed that one.

We are now doing Living the Surrendered Life, and I promise you the author is in my head.

I also love that they provide a weekly graphic that you can use as your phone’s lock screen.
It’s the memory verse of the week and has been exactly what I needed!

This week’s verse is Ephesians 4:29, which is timely considering our little kerfluffle last week.
I’m always amazed (though maybe I shouldn’t be) when the same verses keep popping up over and over.

I am so grateful for the She Reads Truth ladies, their story, and their guidance.
Wouldn’t you like to join us?

(One of my favorite parts is seeing what everyone else is doing.  Go here to be inspired.)