Tea Time

The children all spent the night with my parents on Wednesday night.
On Thursday, I was invited to Gramama’s for tea at noon.
My parents and grandparents were there.
Even my brother was a good sport and played along (although he managed to avoid being photographed).

20120714-010245.jpg  20120714-010311.jpg  20120714-010340.jpg

20120714-005116.jpg  20120714-005204.jpg  20120714-005252.jpg

20120714-005333.jpg  20120714-005422.jpg  20120714-005455.jpg


One Response to Tea Time
  1. CathyMartin
    July 14, 2012 | 3:15 pm

    I had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun with them planning and preparing for the tea party. It was my pleasure for sure! They are such wonderful fun kids. They were so careful with the fine china too. I am very proud to be their Gramama!!! Thanks to you and Marshall for being such awesome parents!