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Scientific Method

One of the things we’ve been studying this week is the Scientific Method.  We’d gone over it several times and had done 4 different experiments, and yet they were having a hard time remembering some of the key words.  So to help ourselves remember, we combined this with one of our summer list items we still haven’t finished – write & perform a play.  (What?  Summer’s not technically over for a few more weeks!)

We recorded the play and although they still say ‘hypop-es-sis’ instead of hypothesis and ‘experience’ instead of experiment, I think they really get it!  It was fun making our movie and even more fun watching it.  I hope that it’s something we’ll be able to look back on in twenty years and laugh all over again.

(I especially love Lydia’s look when Carter steals her line!  I get that look from her a lot!)