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If I Were A Raindrop

My daughter writes like I do.
My son writes like my husband.
She uses lots of descriptive words.
He keeps it short and sweet.
I have to remind her that more isn’t always better.
I have to give him a sentence minimum.

I give them a topic each morning and they write about it.
Sometimes they are narratives, sometimes opinion pieces, or maybe explanatory.
But we begin our day with a writing prompt of some sort.
Yesterday’s was: “If I were a raindrop…”

If I were a raindrop
I wold be in
the cloud’s. And then
I wold get smushet. And I would be
falling. And I would
be in the sky. And
then on the grownd.
And I would
become a puttle and
I would dry and
just lie there. And
I would be happy. 
Befor I dry
chilgren will come
to jump on me. And
I will have fun.
And I would
be lieing there. And
I would be me.
And then I will
dry up. And no
one at all will
jump on me.
And I will
not be seen. 

There are two themes in her writing: being a princess or “just being me”.
I love that so often she is happy with just being her.
How can we bottle that up?
How can we preserve that?
When does that slip away?