If I Were A Raindrop

My daughter writes like I do.
My son writes like my husband.
She uses lots of descriptive words.
He keeps it short and sweet.
I have to remind her that more isn’t always better.
I have to give him a sentence minimum.

I give them a topic each morning and they write about it.
Sometimes they are narratives, sometimes opinion pieces, or maybe explanatory.
But we begin our day with a writing prompt of some sort.
Yesterday’s was: “If I were a raindrop…”

If I were a raindrop
I wold be in
the cloud’s. And then
I wold get smushet. And I would be
falling. And I would
be in the sky. And
then on the grownd.
And I would
become a puttle and
I would dry and
just lie there. And
I would be happy. 
Befor I dry
chilgren will come
to jump on me. And
I will have fun.
And I would
be lieing there. And
I would be me.
And then I will
dry up. And no
one at all will
jump on me.
And I will
not be seen. 

There are two themes in her writing: being a princess or “just being me”.
I love that so often she is happy with just being her.
How can we bottle that up?
How can we preserve that?
When does that slip away?

5 Responses to If I Were A Raindrop
  1. LeAnn
    September 6, 2012 | 7:41 am

    I think we have to keep asking those questions. For the children and for ourselves— prophetic words, powerful message….

  2. Traci
    September 6, 2012 | 12:25 pm

    Keep allowing her to be her…which you do beautifully…and she will always be proud of herself. Self esteem is not something that you can give someone, it is something that we get on our own…with the help of mothers and daddys that accept and appreciate their childrens differences and let the child know that God made you that way on purpose. What a great foundation you and Doc are establishing. You both should be proud of yourselves.

  3. Pops
    September 6, 2012 | 12:35 pm

    I think we change when the world forces itself upon us. When it tries to make us conform to what the “POWERS THAT BE” tell us what we should and shouldn’t or what we can or can’t do. You know for living in a “free” country we are not so “free” anymore. We should readdress the constitution and see what needs to be removed that no longer applies such as freedom of speech. You can’t speak your mind for being afraid you may hurt someones feelings if their point of view or beliefs just happen to be different. We should all take a look at the kids and move back in their direction and just be who we are.

  4. Donyale
    September 6, 2012 | 9:27 pm

    I think I need this on a canvas to hang in my house as an inspirational message. Does she charge royalties?

    • Amber
      September 8, 2012 | 11:55 am

      You might even be able to get some art work to go along with it if you asked with the promise to hang it up in you home. 😀