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Praying in Color

Traditional prayer is hard for me.
The sitting still.
The focusing.
My words run faster and faster until they get all clogged up.
My thoughts dance like the littlest sugar plum fairy in her very first performance,
trying hard to get it all right, but looking quite clumsy.

For so long my prayers felt hollow, empty.
The words simply fell flat.
My own high expectations made them fall flatter.
Rote words, devoid of meaning.
Beautiful cadence and delightful verbiage, but pure fluff.

But creative prayer shakes my soul.

With pen to paper, I pray.
I drain my words and leave space for a refill.
The second first gulp is always greater.

With marker on paper, I pray.
Each stroke of color for each thought.
Focus found in the details spills over into my heart.

With chalk on the ground, I pray.
I sketch a simple swirl and I carefully walk round and round and round…
And my fears, my worries, my doubts uncoil as I circle out again.

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