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A letter to my son

Dear Carter,
You were my first born. My laid-back baby. The one who slept 22 hours a day. The one who tricked me into thinking this parenting gig wasn’t really all that hard. Oh, you tricked me goooood.

Last night our Adventure began. We dropped the others off with Grandma & Grandpa and headed of to the big city. You were mesmerized by the cityscape and pointed out the tiniest details around us. You’ve always been a details guy. I love that about you.


We ate dinner, the three of us. I can’t remember the last time Daddy and I have been alone with just you. Usually at least Lydia is with us, if not everyone. You like it that way, you tell me. And I believe it. Your sister is your absolute best friend in the whole wide world. I have no illusions that you’ll stay that way forever, but I pray that you will always be close.

After dinner, you thanked me for picking a delicious restaurant and you thanked Daddy for buying. I really love it when your manners shine through unprompted. You are growing into a very well-spoken and polite young man.

I absolutely love hearing you talk. You confidently state facts. You always want to share your excitement for whatever you happen to be talking about. And you sound like such an adult when you do it!

After Daddy dropped us off at the station, I just sat and listened to question after question about the train. I don’t know how long it takes to get from here to New Orleans. I have no idea if the workers work the whole route. I don’t know if the food in the dining car is good or just okay.

On the way, we played Hangman on the iPad. I was surprised at how long it kept your attention. Back and forth we typed in words and watched the other guess. You like to give hints, and your hints are especially helpful when you misspell a word. I never would have gotten wunderfull. But you didn’t misspell this and I didn’t need any clues (but I did tear up a little). I love you too, buddy!

Love, Mommy