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Tooth Fairy Troubles

**I know I promised Carter that I would let him read my blog, but I’ve done everything I can to make sure he doesn’t see this page.  I almost didn’t share this at all because I was afraid he’d see it, but it’s something I want to remember and I think you’ll enjoy. So shhhh….don’t tell him you saw this, okay?**

I was away this weekend and I knew that Carter had a pretty loose tooth, so when Marshall sent me a text to let me know he’d lost one I thought I knew which one it was.  But…I was wrong. The tooth that came out wasn’t the one that was loose.  The tooth that came out was the one that my brother helped knock loose with a frisbee. Oops! It didn’t fall out right away, but it bled a bit and then didn’t seem to bother him any more. The next morning he was talking to my mom and whoops, out it came.

As he got ready for bed he told me that he wanted to leave a note with a question for the Tooth Fairy.
I didn’t think a thing about it until I went in his room later that night.
Here’s his note:

A quick Google search found some interesting (um…odd)(and somewhat amusing) ideas such as
“She grinds them up and mixes it with glitter to make fairy dust.”
But that seemed a little too much and so I turned to Facebook and Instagram for help, and you guys are smart.
Several people suggested that she builds something with them(her castle, streets in her town, etc.).
Some people said she saves them for babies.
Monica informed me that whaddayaknow…the Tooth Fairy has a website to answer all kinds of Tooth Fairy questions
Nancy cracked me up when she said that she will “make miniature pianos for the Keebler elves.”  Hahaha!
Sarah said that she puts them in spray paint cans and that’s what you hear when you shake the cans.
At one point, I thought I’d found a winning idea from @OnMyPlate:
“Throw them into the sky to become bright stars. That’s why you should always brush and floss so your teeth sparkle.”
But Marshall and I talked about it and decided that Mr. How the Universe Works would see through that.
Marshall suggested to just say she uses them for research, but that seemed so boooring.
Finally Marshall went to bed with a sigh, wondering why I was fretting over this so.

Here’s what I finally went with:

My thought was that Mr. Analytical would find any loophole I left in the answer.
But my other thought was this: if I’m always providing answers for him, he won’t search for answers on his own.
If I always tell him things, I steal his joy of discovering things.
If I always give him every detail, there won’t be room for him to dream, to imagine.
Maybe I’m over thinking this.    Or maybe I’m not.
I just know that with an imagination like his, I want to do my best to leave it unbridled for as long as I can.