Daily Archives: 6:28 pm

A little mad…

A crazy convo shortened for your benefit.

Me, to 4yo: Is that pee under you train table?
4yo: Uuummm…yes?
Me: Why would you pee on the floor?
4yo: Because I was a little mad.
Me: You peed on the floor because you were mad?
4yo: Yes.
Me: Well, I’m pretty mad about finding pee on the floor . Let’s go talk to your Daddy.

Me, to Marshall: He peed on the floor!
Marshall: You peed on the floor? Why?
4yo: Because I wanted to know what color it would be?
Marshall: You wanted to know what color it would be?
Marshall: Well, what color was it?
4yo: Peach.
Marshall: What?
4yo: Dark peach.

At that point I may have snorted, which confused the poor child and made him giggle.

Marshall: Don’t laugh at that. Peeing on floors does not make me happy.

Then I really lost it. That boy…lawdy…he’s a mess.

{He cleaned up the pee and all is well.}