Growing Up Ivey

There was this sweater that Carter loved when he was little.  I swore that I’d take pictures of Asa in the same sweater when he was the same age. That should have happened this past winter, but I’m a slacker and it never happened. When packed up all the winter clothes, I kept out that sweater and jeans and promised myself I’d get it done. Winter turned to spring and I still didn’t get it done. So earlier this week it was cool(ish) thanks to the absurd amount of rain we’ve been having and I popped everyone in the car and we took the shots I’d been meaning to get.

See Carter, circa 2009:
Biggest Boy Train Sweater(low res).jpg

And Asa now:
LIttlest Boy Red Train Sweater-1

And for Lydia there was this dress. I was way behind on getting pictures of Alden in it but I finally got them – even if the sleeves were a little bit short by the time I got it done. And Alden had already lost a lot of that baby-face look. Oh, well.  I’m glad I got what I got anyway. 🙂

Lydia circa 2008:
Bigger Girl blue dress (low res).jpg

And Alden now:
(Shockingly, Little Miss Bossy Pants wasn’t interested in letting me get matching shots).
LIttler Girl blue dress.jpg

One Response to Growing Up Ivey
  1. CathyMartin
    July 6, 2013 | 8:38 am

    Memories!!! Thanks for all the pictures. I love you!