I can do hard things!

She is a very diligent student. She is thorough and determined. She’s also incredibly sensitive. And when she doesn’t understand something, even a brand new something, she gets upset about it. I don’t know where she gets that. ūüėČ And it’s difficult for me. I don’t want to downplay her fears and feelings, but at the same time I don’t want to not¬†push her. If we’re never pushed, we never move forward. It’s tricky.

Sometimes I take pictures when my children are feeling vulnerable, when they are struggling with something. These are pictures I never share with others. These are sacred moments between mother and child. These are pictures of conflict that beg for resolution. I don’t capture these moments to be mean, I do it¬†so that I can show these pictures to them later. I want to remind them that once upon a time walking was hard for them. Once upon a time riding a bike was hard. Once upon a time adding seemed impossible. And look at you! You did those things! Was it easy to start walking, riding, or adding? No. But you did it! You did hard things! And it’s then…then they can really see themselves for who they are: someone who can do hard things.

On the dreadfully difficult days, this becomes our mantra: I can do hard things.¬†It usually starts with me saying it quietly, reminding this determined little child of mine that she¬†can indeed do whatever it is that we’re working on. I prod a few times and she¬†whispers it along with me. We say it again, a little stronger this time. And stronger and stronger and stronger…until the tears are gone and we believe it. We both really believe it! And even once we’ve reached the pinnacle of belief, we keep shouting because once you know that you can do hard things, it’s hard to stop.

*This phrase isn’t just between me and my 8 year old, though she’s the one mentioned here. Some days find all 5 of us chanting it, cheering each other on. And I can promise you that there are days when I am shouting¬†loudest of all.¬†

2 Responses to I can do hard things!
  1. chrisgharmon
    October 17, 2014 | 12:58 pm

    Love it. I’m going to adopt that phrase for a certain 8 year old who can get a little dramatic about things. Everything is either “sooooo easy” or “IMPOSSIBLE!” with nothing in between. The “impossible” moments are the ones that leave him in a pool of tears. This is going to become our new mantra!

  2. Kim
    October 17, 2014 | 2:56 pm

    I so get this. It is so hard to let them struggle and learn and grow. I take pictures of these times too. Although I can never find them again to show them later ūüėČ
    This parenting gig is so hard.