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My little Divo and Diva in action

I’ve been promising a video section on this site for a while now.  I got one video camera that I really like, but it’s not as portable as my new Flip Ultra video recorder. The picture isn’t as clear as my “good” camcorder, but it fits in the palm of your hand and I can easily carry it in my purse or diaper bag.

It’s no big surprise to any of you that I looooooooove to karaoke.  I got my very own machine a few years ago for Christmas and I’ve never turned back.  I’m not ashamed to say(although I probably should be) that I frequently karaoke all by my lonesome.  I sing anything if you give me the words!  Just give me that microphone and I’m in heaven.  Apparently my kids feel the same way.  Enjoy!



p.s. For those of you who really want to be like me, but don’t want to admit it to anyone else…you can actually karaoke in the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a computer and this link. Once you get to “The Sims On Stage” karaoke room you can browse through the hundreds of songs they have available. If you want to hear/sing more than 30 seconds of any song you’ll have to register.  If you get really brave you can even record yourself and put it out there for all the world to see.

Jingle bells, jingle bells…

Tucker has kept us laughing as he has begun to learn Christmas songs and sayings.  Here are my favorites right now(and I’m sure I’ll add more!):

“Smashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh…”

“We wish you a very Christmas.  We wish you a very Christmas.  We wish you a very Christmas, and a happy two years.”

 “Silent night.  Holy night.  All is gone. All is bright…”  (Apparently Tucker doesn’t know the word calm-does this surprise anyone?  🙂  )

Um…I think maybe you mean "Praise Ye"?

Today in the car Tucker was singing, “Allelu-allelu-allelu-alleluia.  Crazy the Lord.  Crazy the Lord.  Alleluia.  Crazy the Lord.  Alleluia.  Crazy the Lord.  Alleluia.  Craaaaaaazy the Lord!” 

He was singing with such gusto, that it was hard to try to correct him!  But we finally got it right!


The store cashier to Tucker:  Have you been good this year so that Santa will bring you some good toys?

Tucker: Well…….I’m good now.

Howdy, Partner!

cowboy tucker   cowgirl emmie   cowgirl ella

Tucker has been talking about cowboys at school, and yesterday he came home with a cowboy hat.  Here are just a few of the pictures we’ve taken with the hat.  It’s really been funny! (You can click on each picture to see an enlarged view!)

My daughter's a diva, and my son is, too!

Tonight I was singing along with Emmie to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.  (And by sing along, I of course mean I sing every word except the last word of each phrase!) Anyway, at the end of the song, Emmie put her little hands behind her back and bowed!  It was so adorable! 

And I would be remiss not to mention Tucker’s latest announcement:  “I am so much funny!”  And he is, that little stinker!

Halloween Night

We always go to the J’s house and trick-or-treat in their neighborhood.  This is the first year that Tucker has really gotten into it.  He and Emmie and A. rode around in the wagon for a while…until Tucker realized that he could get candy!  Then he ran to every door, and said, “Trick-uh-treat!  I wan canny!”.

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Halloween Parade

At Tucker and Emmie’s “school”, they always have a Halloween parade.  The kids come walk out and parade around while the parents watch.  Emmie did great!  She saw me and only cried a second…then was happy to be with “Miss” Felicia.  Tucker would have done well if there hadn’t been church bells.  He LOVES church bells…and could not focus on anything else.  His teacher actually called me out to see if I could help move him along!  Silly boy!  Check out pictures of Tucker, Emmie, and E, too!  One of the pictures of E is actually of her-in all her flowered glory-sound asleep in the car!  She fell asleep on the way…but it was the cutest little sleeping flower I’d ever seen, so I couldn’t NOT take a picture!

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