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Cookie King and Queen

We have been busy little bees the last few days.  Keep an eye on the site for lots of pictures, because our frenzied flight will be going on a few more days. 

My friend Jennifer came over last night and helped us make Christmas cookies, and late last night Marshall’s brother Teddy came into town.   He had to leave this morning, though.  🙁  The kids love Uncle Teddy! (And we do, too!)  Then my parents and grandparents came over for lunch today.  Unfortunately, the only thing we have pictures of from all of that is the cookie making. 

This was the first time they’d ever done cookie cutouts(instead of the kind of cookies you roll in to balls), and we’ll probably never go back!  They LOVED it!!  Emmie especially loved “patting” the flour(read: making a mess). 

cookies01                                                cookies03

Reindeer Cookies


Ok…this one is SUPER easy!  And adorable!

All you have to do is buy slice and bake cookie dough.  (I did some sugar, some peanut butter.  The one shown here is PB.)  You cut them into circles, like normal, and then squeeze in the sides to make a big part and a little part.  Bake them according to the package.  And before they cool you put on broken up pretzels to make the antlers; M&Ms for the eyes; Mini M&Ms for the nose.  And voila…you have the cutest little Christmas cookies ever.  And they must taste better than regular cookies, too, because Carter keeps asking for more!