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Easy Applique

I love Bailey Boys, Ragsland, Kelly’s Kids, Just Ducky and all those other adorable brands.  I’ve always thought appliqued shirts were oh-so-fun.  But I’m just too cheap to pay $25 (or more!) for a TEE SHIRT!  Seriously?  It’s a tee-shirt.  It will probably have a big red blob of pizza stain or paint or grass stain on it after the first wearing.  I just can’t justify spending that kind of money for a tee-shirt.

But I really like appliqued shirts.  So…off to Etsy. I found a bunch of cute stuff I liked, but I started wondering just how hard it would be to make them on my own.  You all know how I love a good craft project.  So after some Google action, I discovered the joy of Wonder Under!  With this “magic paper” you can make anything fusible!  Woo-hoo!

Here is a play-by-play of my latest creation for Carter:

1. Pick a picture(you can sketch one by hand, find a template online or just use a simple coloring book page), and draw out a template.


2. Cut out your templates and place them on the fabric to get an idea of how much you will need to use.  Cut out the section the fabric that you will need.


3. Cut out enough Wonder Under that you will have enough room for all of your templates.


4. Iron Wonder Under to the WRONG SIDE of your fabric pieces.  Trace out your templates BACKWARDS!


5. Cut out all of your pieces.  Peel the back off of the small black lines.  Iron them onto the yellow piece while the backing is still on that piece(to keep it from sticking to something else).  Then remove the backing from the yellow piece and iron it onto the green tractor body(while its backing is still on).


6.  Fold the shirt in half long ways and iron it so that when the shirt is open, you can easily see the center.appliquestep6

7. Peel the Wonder Under backing from all of the pieces, arrange them onto the shirt and carefully iron on.appliquestep7

8. You may want to stitch around the edges with a sewing machine or make a nice hand-made outline.  Otherwise, you’re done!  Wash and wear as usual!


A few other things I’ve made recently with this easy applique technique:


Please tell me its just pregnancy brain…

It’s no secret to you guys that I love to craft.  I like finding or coming up with the idea.  I like buying the stuff.  I like making the stuff.  And I usually like giving the stuff away. 

But lately I’ve been in a crafting funk.  I’ve made a few things.  I’ve started actually making some things. I came up with a long time ago(like the personalized clock).  I’ve even done a few “new” things.  But the old ideas are boring me, and I can’t seem to come up with anything new to do.

Point being…I’m kind of bummed about the brain blitz I have going on.  I thought going to the arts and crafts show would help.  But…the kids weren’t conducive to good looking and it was WAY TOO crowded to really enjoy myself.

So….I’m asking for your help, my lovely loyal readers.  What are some of your favorite crafts-that you’ve made or received.  Do you have any ideas that you’ve thought of, but don’t want to try?  I’ll be willing to try it for you!  🙂  Please leave me some ideas in the comments section or send me a quick e-mail.  I’ll love you forever if you get me outta this funk!