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Reindeer Cookies


Ok…this one is SUPER easy!  And adorable!

All you have to do is buy slice and bake cookie dough.  (I did some sugar, some peanut butter.  The one shown here is PB.)  You cut them into circles, like normal, and then squeeze in the sides to make a big part and a little part.  Bake them according to the package.  And before they cool you put on broken up pretzels to make the antlers; M&Ms for the eyes; Mini M&Ms for the nose.  And voila…you have the cutest little Christmas cookies ever.  And they must taste better than regular cookies, too, because Carter keeps asking for more!

Turkey Art

ThanksgivingCraft01 ThanksgivingCraft02

Lydia made a really cute turkey at school out of a toilet paper roll and a coffee filter.  Today, Carter and I made a pumpkin turkey.  You just find a pumpkin that sits so that the stem is in front instead of up top(so that it looks like the beak).  Cut out “feathers” from fall-colored papers and tape them to bamboo skewers that you use for barbecuing.  Then you just stick the skewers into the pumpkin, draw on some eyes, and you’ve got a fun Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey!

Pillowcase Dress

I made several of these for Emmie earlier this year.  A few of them were “fall-ish” enough for me to put a long sleeve tee under and use again.  When she gets a little bit bigger, I plan on letting her use them for shirts instead of dresses with some leggings on bottom.  I’ve seen “big girls”(1st-2nd grade) wearing them like that and it was adorable!  Anyway, I’ve had several people ask me how I did it.  Well, I can’t take much credit it, actually.  A friend of mine had one for her little girl that I loved…so I got online and searched for a how-to guide.  Here’s the link I found.  It’s REALLY specific and easy.  So…GOOD LUCK!!


Handprint Lillies

What you need: decorative paper, pen, scissors, pipe cleaner or drinking straw, tape, adorable tiny hand

How-To:  Trace your child’s hand on the paper and cut out.  Gently curl each of the fingers around the pen.  Roll the palm of the paper hand into a cone, with fingers curled out.  Insert straw or pipe cleaner into center of flower and secure with tape.  Add paper leaves, if desired. 

These are SO cute…and look great as one alone in a bud vase OR as a bunch in a big flower vase!