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That's NOT an answer!

This conversation is heard very, very often in our household.  It doesn’t matter which parent or which one of our “big” kids you plug in below.

Parent: Why did you (insert wrongdoing of choice here)?

Child: Because I shouldn’t.

Parent: I know you shouldn’t, but why did you (offense of choice)?

Child: Because I won’t do it again.

Parent:  Okay.  That’s great.  But why did you do it this time?

Child:  Because…because…because I can’t.

Parent:  You can’t what?

Child: I can’t do it again.

End scene with frustrated parent and bewildered-looking child.

And the fun never ends…

We went to the mountains this weekend and had a great time!  We made smores, played skee ball and whack-a-mole, jumped in a bouncy house and did a little “rock climbing”.  (2 & 4 year olds aren’t very good at rock climbing, btw.)

AND Marshall’s OFF work ALL WEEK!  We were supposed to go visit Marshall’s sister this week…but then Uncle Sam decided that he needed our money more than we did.  So all of our trip money(plus some) went to the IRS.  😛   Stupid government!  (No, I’m still not a Republican.)  But Marshall had already blocked his schedule and made arrangements to be out at work, so he decided to just have some time at home.  Yay!

AND then next weekend we’re going to see all of Marshall’s family as we celebrate his grandmother’s NINTIETH birthday!

But in all the going and doing, I haven’t had much time to write or blog read(my poor Google Reader is so full) or call or email…I haven’t even had time to read a book, and I always make time to read a book!  I have had time to Twitter.  That’s quick and easy.  And fun!

Before I go crash for the night, I’ll leave you with one little funny from the weekend.  Carter and I were walking out of the grocery store and the automatic door opened for us.  He so very Southern-ly(is that word??) and politely said: “Why thank you, door.”  Too cute!

Gramama Pushed Him!!

Lydia, playing with her toy phone, runs to me and says: Mommy! You need ta talk to Gramama(my mom) riiiiigh now! Some-fins wong!

Me: Oh, no! What’s wrong?

Lydia: Rit-scherd(my brother, Richard) has a boo-boo on his hay-ed!

Me: Oh, no!! How did he get a boo-boo on his head?

Lydia: Gramama pushed him!

Close, but not quite.

Lately our kids have really gotten into “Handy Manny” on Playhouse Disney.  (Yes, it really bothers me that Handy and Manny don’t rhyme.  Could they not have made it Handy MANDY?  Girls can be handy!)

There is a girl on the show named Kelly.  She owns the hardware store, and she always has what Manny and the tools need to fix whatever’s broken.  Carter was singing one of the songs to Lydia and instead of saying “Kelly’s Hardware Store”, he was saying “Kelly’s hard to snore”.  HA!

Bedtime Banter

Carter:  I need wa-er(water).

Me: No.

Carter:  But I’m firsty(thirsty).

Me:  Really?  I thought you were Carter.

Pause, pause, pause.

Carter:  Well then, Carter’s firsty.

Excuse me??

This is the conversation I had with Lydia in the car tonight on the way home from church.

Me: So what did you guys do at church tonight?

Lydia: I play…I play with my ass and…

Me: What?

Lydia:  I play with my ass and…

Me(wondering just went on in the nursery):  And what?

Lydia(more emphatically):  No, Mama.  I play with my ass and.

Me(completely confused, and unsure what to say): You played with your ass and what?

Lydia:  NO!  I play with MY ASS AND.

It wasn’t until she screamed it that I realized what she was saying:  “I played with my Adison.” (Her little friend from church.)

Ha!  The joys of toddler translation….