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Eighteen Wishes

When Tucker turned eight, I wrote a post called Eight Wishes, and it’s hard to believe I posted that ten years ago! And even though everything I said there still remains true to this day, I think it’s time that I added to my wishes for him. So, my dearest Tucker, here are my original eight wishes followed by ten more.

that your passion for learning never fades,
that you never stop asking why,
and that you never stop trying to make the impossible possible.

that your smile always stays genuine,
that you keep that sparkle in your eye,
and that you keep joy in your heart even when it’s hard to do.

that you continue to show compassion to others,
that you keep asking how you can help,
and that you keep wearing your heart on your sleeve.

that you will always be friends with your siblings,
that you will laugh with them and have fun together
and that you will love and protect and care for each other.

that you will always be a good friend,
that you will know when to help and when to give space,
and that you will have friends who know how to do the same.

that you will feel a connection with your Creator,
that you will ask hard questions and seek the answers,
and that you share what you’ve learned in a kind, loving, and gentle way.

that you will be brave and courageous,
that you will look for adventure (with a healthy dose of reason)
and that every now and then you close your eyes and leap.

that you will always be my little (big) boy,
that you will always know how much I love you,
and that you will always know that I am here.


that you will continue to be yourself,
that you will be proud of all you’ve accomplished,
and that even when your confidence slips, you’ll still know that you’re gonna be okay.

that you will continue to work hard,
that you will be ambitious and determined,
and that, even when things get tough, you will just keep swimming.

that you will find someone who loves you as much as we do,
that you will open your heart to them and let yourself be loved,
and that you and your person grow and change and blossom together.

that when you fail (and it will happen), you fail with grace,
that you know that your worth is not defined by what you do or don’t do,
and that no matter what we’re always a phone call away.

that you learn how to make wise investments,
that you realize that investments mean more than money,
and that you invest your time, talents, and love into people and things that fill you up.

that you realize self-care is non-negotiable,
that you take time to look at the clouds and listen to the birds,
and that you know where to go when you need rejuvenating.

that you define your own system of value and virtue,
that you understand that no one is right all the time,
and that it’s okay to change your mind.

that you will stay happy and healthy,
that you will take care of not just your physical body but your whole being,
and that you will remember that long walks are good for your head and your heart.

that you will find your place in this world,
that you find what means the most to you and you share it with others,
and that you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

that you look within yourself first when you’re making decisions,
that you know where else to turn when the decisions are too daunting to make alone,
and that you always know that we’ve got your back when you’re just not sure where to turn.

I hope you’ll use these wishes as a guide as you enter adulthood.
We are so proud of who you are and what you are and all that you are and will be.
Happy 18th, buddy.

Love always,