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A New Day

This morning Carter bounded into my room and asked if he could watch the sun rise.
(Never-you-mind that the sun had technically already risen.)
A little while later I heard him on the porch laughing with Asa.

The girls and I got up and headed into the kitchen for breakfast and we started our day.
I had already changed Alden’s diaper when she first woke up and it never crossed my mind to check on Asa.
If I rewind my mind, I can see that he’s already dressed but I didn’t notice it then.

After breakfast we went out to check on the garden and then back in to play.
It wasn’t until I went into Asa’s room and found a pile of dirty wipes that I realized what had happened.

I’ll spare you the details but here are the highlights.
Asa used the big boy potty but didn’t quite get clean.
Carter wiped him well, diapered him, and dressed him.
He even remembered to wash his hands.

They are growing up.
And it is (mostly) wonderful.
Especially this part.