Monthly Archives: March 2008

Sometimes I wonder…

…if anybody is ever really listening to me.  Well, apparently Tucker does-at least occasionally.  I’m kind of hoping he only remembers the good parts! 🙂

 Anyway, we were at the hospital today eating lunch with Daddy.  As we were leaving a little lullabye starting playing over the speakers. 

Tucker asked:  What’s that, Mommy?
Me: That’s a little song playing so we’ll know that a brand new baby was born.        Tucker: Oh…a baby like Jesus?  

So God created human beings in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them all.  Genesis 1:27

Great Easter Idea

I can’t take credit for this idea because I found it on the internet, but I thought I’d at least share it.  It seems like such a cool idea!! 

Equipment and utensils: Baking tray(s), Bowls, Container or pan to melt butter, Oven, Oven mitts
Ingredients: Butter, Cinnamon, Crescent rolls(enough so each child can have one triangle), Marshmallows, large(one per roll), Sugar

Give each child a crescent roll triangle. Tell the children to pretend this is the cloth Jesus would have been buried in.

Give each child a marshmallow. This represents Jesus.

Have the children dip their marshmallow into the melted butter to represent embalming oil and into the cinnamon and sugar to represent spices.

Have the children wrap their marshmallow in the crescent roll so it is completely covered.

Bake the rolls in the oven (tomb) for ten to twelve minutes at 350 degrees.

While the rolls are baking, tell the children the story of Jesus and the empty tomb.

When the rolls are done, let them cool for a minute. Give each child a napkin and a roll.

Open the rolls to reveal that nothing is inside! The marshmallow melted, but the roll remains puffed up.

Let the children enjoy the rolls, then contribute in cleaning up.

Inspiration Needed

Here it is 10pm on Saturday night, and I’m sitting at the computer trying to figure out what to do for Sunday School in the morning!  What a slacker!  No…not really.  I honestly have been working on it all week.  We decided to teach along with the lectionary scriptures during Lent without having an actual prepared lesson book. (What was I thinking???) All had been going well until this week: Jesus heals the man blind from birth, John 9:1-41.  I’ve read that scripture at least 30 times this week.  And I just keep staring at it, thinking about it, checking out my usual resources online…nothing.  Until tonight.  I finally found something that inspired me.  And you know what?  I checked to see the time it was originally posted just because I was curious as to why it didn’t show up in my earlier searches.  5:30 this evening.  Maybe I’m just really tired after a really long and crazy weekend.  Maybe it’s that I’m PMSing and emotional.  Maybe I’m just a perfectionist who can’t leave things undone.  But I think it’s pretty incredible that I looked at about 3 this afternoon, found nothing, and decided to give up.  I’ll just fly by the seat of my pants…see what happens, I thought.  But then, after everybody here was already in the bed and I was dying to crash too, I thought I better go make one last ditch effort.  And I did…and I found this blog which inspired me.  Here’s to hoping for a good class tomorrow.  Goodnight, all!