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2nd Look!

Most of you know that our house is on the market.  I don’t want to get too excited, but the people who took a look last week want to take another look tomorrow!  Pray hard!  It would be great to sell this house quickly, especially when the market is so terrible!

Spring Day Photos

This morning I asked the kids what they wanted to do.  Tucker wanted to “get dressed up and go to Crocodile Lake”.  (We’ve never actually seen a crocodile here, but it does look a little like Crocodile Lake in the Dora the Explorer show.)

He also wanted to go on a picnic, so we did both.  I know, I know…I took my kids on a picnic in the cemetary.  I’m not a weirdo…it’s just really pretty in the garden there!

 Anyway, Emmie wasn’t very “photo-friendly” this morning(imagine that!), so there aren’t very many shots of her.  But I hope you enjoy the few that I did get!

[slideshow id=936748722507929656&w=426&h=320]

Pooh Sticks, anyone?

I did not pose Tucker for this picture.  I was just letting him wander and do his thing when he crawled up on the bridge.  (Yes, I did hold my breath because I just *knew* that he was going to topple over head first into the teeny-tiny creek below!)  As soon as the shutter clicked, I realized that it looked just like the classic picture of Christoper Robin playing Pooh Sticks.  I just wish I’d had a miniature Pooh Bear there!


Happy Easter!

Sorry that I didn’t get these up yesterday!  I had great plans for that!  🙂  But we enjoyed the day together.  Marshall had to get up and work, but he got everything done and made it to church!  The kids and I got up, found our surprises from the Easter Bunny, got ready for church, and enjoyed putting flowers on the cross once we *finally* got there.  After church, our friend Jennifer ate lunch with us and helped us find some Easter eggs! 

eastermorn10_2.jpgIf you don’t want to look at all the “outtakes” in the slideshow, you can look above to see a sneak peek of the final result from our Easter Morning photo shoot.

[slideshow id=936748722507884434&w=426&h=320]

Boat Ride with Grandma and Grandpa

Marshall’s parents came to visit us on Saturday, and we took a trip down the canal.  Tucker’s favorite part was going under all the bridges.  Emmie wasn’t too thrilled about the lifejacket, but she survived. 

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Emmie's 18 Month Pictures

I was a little behind on taking these, and then my computer crashed so I couldn’t get anything off of my camera and downloaded for you to see.  But I’ve now cropped and clicked and played around with the pictures, and they’re ready for you to see!

[slideshow id=936748722507762980&w=600&h=475]


My camera is back up and running!  I should have new pictures posted soon!

I’m also hoping to get some videos posted soon, too, so keep your eyes out for that!

More Emmie-isms

“Juss chicken” (Just kidding)

“arm dildoe” (armadillo)  [Nice, Emmie…nice…]

 “puh-see” (Percy-the train) [Use your imagination, folks…it sounds just lovely when you say it aloud!]

I'm Jealous.

Okay, I’ll admit that I think I’m a decently good singer.  I’m not amazing, but I can sing.  But I am SUPER jealous of these teeny-tiny singers.  I found it on YouTube.  (Like I really have time to be playing around on YouTube!) 

They call themselves The Cactus Cuties, and the group is made of 5 girls who range in age from 8 to 13.  They are from Texas, and they sang the national anthem at the opening of the Texas vs. Texas Tech basketball game back in January.


My new favorite show.

Well, technically it’s not new.  Neither is it my favorite “real” show.  But it is new to us, and it is my new favorite kid’s show:  Johnny and the Sprites on Playhouse Disney.  Since it only comes on on Saturday and Sunday mornings, we never see it.  But we’ve Tivo-ed a few episodes and we’ve all fallen in love!

I fell in love with John Tartaglia when I first heard of him in Avenue Q, a grossly inappropriate, but hilarious Broadway show. It’s different from your average Broadway hit(although it did win a Tony) because they use puppets in it.  Most of the characters are played by puppets, but you see the puppeteer as well.  It’s kind of a spoof of Sesame Street but not AT ALL acceptable for little ears.  But the music is great!  And it will make you laugh out loud over and over, if you aren’t too offended by bad language.   (We’re actually going to see it at the end of the month at the Fox!!  YAY!!!)

 Anyway, “Johnny and the Sprites” is a great show for the kiddos because the set is colorful and the puppets are adorable.  It’s great for parents like me because each show is like a mini-musical…a really good one!  And they teach great lessons on the show.  I’ve yet to see a show that made me go “What??? Ok kids, we don’t do things like that” (like when we watch whiny-heiny Caillou or cross Sir Toppam Hatt on Thomas the Tank Engine).

 I can only hold out hope that they’ll start doing a “Johnny and the Sprites LIVE” show before my kids get too old to want to go!  🙂  For now I’ll just have to settle for the new CD coming out on March 18th!!