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No NaBloPoMo for me

Last November and then again this past September I did a little thing called NaBloPoMo.  I posted every single day for the entire month.  It’s always a challenge to get a post written and up every single day, but it’s also fun to kind of push myself.  Some of my NaBloPoMo posts were pure crap, but I managed to get a few that I’m pretty proud to have written and that I’m gladshared.  Posts that I probably wouldn’t have written if I hadn’t been trying to come up with something, anything to write about.

Each month I get the info on what the next month’s NaBloPoMo topic will be.

From today’s email from Eden, the NaBloPoMo goddess:

For those of you looking to take another crack at daily blogging, the theme for December is MITZVAH and it comes with a challenge: to give something, to someone, every day of the month, and then blog about it. The goal is to act with kindness, obviously — I don’t want to be responsible for people giving each other black eyes. Your gifts can be as large as volunteering or donating to charity, or as small as a kind word to someone who needs it.

Doesn’t that sound like a great idea??  31 days of full of random acts of kindness.

I’m just not committed enough to blog it everyday.

But I still want to do it…kind of.

Every day for the month of December I am going to “give something” and I’ll be posting it on Facebook and Twitter, hopefully with a #31daysofgiving hashtag(if I remember and can get it to fit).

So I did a little Google search and lo-and-behold, Glamour magazine already had that idea last year and continued it again this year.  (They have some great ideas, but there are a lot of ideas they don’t have listed and there are a lot of things that you can come up with for free!)

I’m not posting this to garner praise or attention.  I’m posting this to try to get more people to do this.  Try it: give something each day for the entire month of December.  And if you fail mid-month?  Guess what?  You haven’t failed.  Because if you give just one thing, then it’s worth it.

I set up this little website so that we can all share ideas of things to give, where to give, what you’ve given, etc.  It ain’t purty, but I think it’s functional.

Each day I’ll put up a “What did you give today?” post and you can feel free to tell us what you gave or plan to give by clicking “Reply”.

I hope some of you will take this challenge with me.  Who’s in?