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The Words of Our World

I knew it would happen eventually.
They know that I share our lives online.
First it was Facebook, asking if I would share this or that about them.
Wanting my friends, their teachers, our family to know about this or that.
But today he snuggled up next to me as we logged on for his morning school session,
“I almost typed out the whole iveyleague.com thing but I didn’t.”
“I’m glad you didn’t. You know you’re only allowed to go to the websites I set for you, right?”
“Yes, ma’am. That’s why I stopped.”
“But you can read my blog if you want to.”
“I can?!?!”
“Sure! It’s kinda like my journal.
I read your writing everyday so it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share mine with you, now would it?”

I wondered if it would change anything, knowing he would be reading.
I always said that I write for me and for them, but in my mind ‘them’ meant ‘grown-up them’.
I never imagined my 7-year old would want to read my words.
But he does and so I’ll share it with him.
And I hope that in reading my words, he will find his own.
This week we have been working diligently on writing and he’s come a long way.
Adding dialogue and using descriptive words.
Telling a story instead of just stating facts.
It is one of my biggest hopes for them all, that they will be story tellers.
I hope they will know this joy that I know.
And if it’s not with words, I pray that they will learn how to express themselves somehow.
Because, for me, it is in creating that I find myself.
It is in the words I write, the colors I paint, and the moments I capture
that I discover what it is that truly moves my soul and makes me me.