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Noodle Brownies

Marshall and I first discovered fried mac-and-cheese bites on vacation in 2005.  This wonderful little restaurant in New Bern, NC had them.  If you haven’t heard of these yet, it’s maccaroni and cheese that’s been made, cooled, cut into shapes(squares, triangles, whatever you want reall), battered and fried.  That’s right.  Let’s take mac-and-cheese and FRY IT!  Somebody’s a genious!!  Anyway, now Sonic has these on their menu.  The kids were hungry, we were on the go, and I needed something easy and portable.  They LOVED it!  Tucker, however, couldn’t quite figure out what this square of deliciousness was…so he decided to call them “noodle brownies”.   Now the ones at Sonic aren’t nearly as good as the ones in that little restaurant, but they were pretty darn tasty!  So the next time you’re looking for a delicious and (not-so) nutritious snack, think noodle brownies!

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

decorate01.jpg        decorate03.jpg       decorate05.jpg

We’ve decorated our Christmas tree…and *tried* to take pictures for Christmas Cards, but nobody seems to want to cooperate for either of these!  Tucker wants to un-decorate the tree.  Emmie just wants to walk around ringing a bell.  And do you know how hard it is to get both of them to look at me so that I can take a picture???  Oh, well…we’ll try again another day-maybe even this afternoon after naps!  But for now, here are some pictures from the tree decorating!

Um…I think maybe you mean "Praise Ye"?

Today in the car Tucker was singing, “Allelu-allelu-allelu-alleluia.  Crazy the Lord.  Crazy the Lord.  Alleluia.  Crazy the Lord.  Alleluia.  Crazy the Lord.  Alleluia.  Craaaaaaazy the Lord!” 

He was singing with such gusto, that it was hard to try to correct him!  But we finally got it right!

Reindeer Cookies


Ok…this one is SUPER easy!  And adorable!

All you have to do is buy slice and bake cookie dough.  (I did some sugar, some peanut butter.  The one shown here is PB.)  You cut them into circles, like normal, and then squeeze in the sides to make a big part and a little part.  Bake them according to the package.  And before they cool you put on broken up pretzels to make the antlers; M&Ms for the eyes; Mini M&Ms for the nose.  And voila…you have the cutest little Christmas cookies ever.  And they must taste better than regular cookies, too, because Carter keeps asking for more!

Christmas is in the air!

treefarm01.jpg        treefarm03.jpg        treefarm02.jpg                     

We went today to pick out our Christmas tree.  We go to this family-owned tree farm out in the country called Gay’s Christmas Tree Farm.  It’s a cool place.  They obviously have trees, but also a hayride and hot chocolate and hot boiled peanuts.  Of course Tucker says “pea-nitz”.  Just use your imagination to figure out what that sounds like outloud.  He kept running around and saying “I wan pea-nitz!  I wan pea-nitz!”  It was very funny! 

 Anyway, the pictures that you see up above are from the tree farm.  The first one is Tucker with the Charlie Brown-esque tree that he liked.  It doesn’t look as bad in the photo as it did in person.  And the others are of us on the hayride. 

 When we left the tree farm, I remembered that we were close to the “Lights in the South” display in Grovetown.  I kind of remembered where it was, but it took a little help from my friendly computer-savy guy to actually get us there.  (Thanks, Chris!)  Tucker had originally said that he didn’t want to go, but once we got there he was really into it!  He loved all the lights, and he was excited to take another hayride.  It’s a mile and a half of lights!  My favorite is the very end where they have all these white lights and snowflakes.  It’s probably the closest I’ll ever see to a White Christmas!  Anyway, we took some pictures of all of us, but most of them didn’t turn out.  This one, however, did…and I’m so glad.  I love how sweet and cute Emmie looks!  



I needed a smile. I needed a laugh. And I needed some sweet, cute music. 

I’m a dork. I’m aware of this. I live a fairy-tale life. I’m aware of this, too. But I wasn’t quite so clued into this fact until tonight.

We went to see “Enchanted” at the movies. I haven’t been to the movies in a while(I LOVE movies, but we just don’t get there anymore…I don’t understand why!) Marshall and my parents went with me, as did a few of my friends. At one point I leaned over to Jenn, and told her, “This is what life is like in my head.” I wasn’t kidding. But I’m sure she was thinking…maybe the anesthesia just hasn’t worn off yet!

 But the movie was cute.  I love any movie where people spontaneously burst into song.  Maybe only my musician friends do this, but I spontaneously burst into song all the time.  My whole family does.  Does that make us weird?  Definitely.  But what family doesn’t have issues, right?  At least we have issues sung to the tune of “Zip-a-dee-do-dah!”

But before you come to the conclusion that I’m completely nuts, I must confess that I haven’t ventured as far as singing to the “woodland creatures”, or in this case sewer rats and roaches, to help me clean the house.  (Note to self: try this in the morning!  I’ll do anything at this point to have a clean house!)

 But, seriously, it made me smile.  It made me laugh.  And it made me feel better.  That’s what’s really important right now.  I was once again reminded(in a rather “animated” kind of way) of all the good things I have in my life.  I have a Prince Charming.  I have children who(for now, at least) still think I am a princess with magical powers.  I have faith in love and goodness.  And I have a song in my heart, and at most moments in my head as well.  It’s part of who I am…and it’s a part that I like.  And although there have been-and will be more-bumps in the road to “happily ever after”, I hope I never lose that fairy-tale ending dream.

*Special Note to Jennifer & Kimberly, Lili, and the Jester girls:  This is your kind of movie.  You should really go see it!  🙂

Sad news

Ok, folks…this is a hard entry to write.  We have lost our baby.  I had a miscarriage, and had a procedure called a Dilation & Curettage(D&C) today.  I am doing ok-both physically and emotionally.  It may sound crazy, but I am really at peace about this.  I know that when miscarriages occur, it’s usually nature seeing a problem and taking care of it.  That may sound kind of cold and harsh and clinical of me, but it’s really a blessing when you think about it.  Had this child grown to term, he would have(more than likely) been fraught with chromosomal issues.  And, especially after seeing and hearing about the many patients of Marshall’s who have a variety of chromosomally-based problems, I realize that all children are blessings-but a whole new set of issues, and whole new level of parental responsibility come into play when a child is born with something like that.  I know God gives me free will, and I gladly embrace that.  But I’m glad that he made this decision for me.  Even amidst the pain of today, I can see that it would be infinitely more agonizing if this child had been born, and we then had to make the choice that so many parents have to make.  I feel so much for those parents out there who have to be concerned with the quality of life for their child versus the validity of life itself.  I honestly thank God for not having to do that.  And I will never pray harder than today for those who do have to deal with that day in and day out.  (Sorry for the bluntness, but I can’t seem to word things quite like I want to tonight.)

As we greet a season full of thanksgiving, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by how amazingly blessed I already am.  I thank God for my wonderful family and friends, who have rushed to be at my side.  I thank God for my two sweet, adorable children who love me, and whom I love more than life itself.  I thank God for my wonderful husband, who always does his best to make me happy.  I thank God that I have a phenomenal physician taking care of me(not only physically, but emotionally, too).  I thank God for allowing me to have a life so full and happy that sometimes I am quite amazed that it’s actually my own.  And, finally, I thank the Lord for this baby.  I never had proof, but I know this baby was a boy.  I don’t know why, but I just think he was a boy.  (Even Tucker would tell you that Mommy had a “boy baby in her tummy”!) And even though I will never see his face or hear his voice, I know that he is safer in God’s arms than in mine.  I know it sounds hokey, and I’ve probably made fun of people saying things like that before, but now I understand.  And, just in case you were wondering, his name was going to be Elijah Ellison Ivey.  Thank you God for Eli.  Thank you for blessing me with him, even if it was a short, short period of time.  If heaven is anything like I imagine it might be, I pray that I will be able to see his sweet, angelic face someday.  

As we enter a season of hope, I rejoice in the fact that miscarriages do not determine the fate of other pregnancies.  I hope that God will bless us again with another wonderful child.  And I hope that all of our children will grow up to lead happy, healthy lives. 

 As we enter a season of joy, I pray I will continually be reminded of how much joy there really is in my life.  I want to more fully embrace the joy that my children bring to me.  And the joy that I see on Emerson’s face when she comes down a slide, or on Tucker’s when he finally gets the lyrics right on a song he’s singing.  And I want to remember to not only embrace these joys, but share them with others, too! 

 As we enter a season of awe and wonder, I want to be fully aware of the incredible fact that so many happy, healthy babies are born.  If you can look at a newborn baby and not be struck with a sense of awe, then there’s nothing that can get to you!  It’s amazing that God created a process so seemingly simple, yet so immensely complex.  I hope that each time you see a new baby, you will be reminded of the awe of that simple, fascinating process.  And I know that I will be awed by the impact that this will have on our lives, and the essentials of who I am.  (For those of you in my bible study-or who have ever been to one of Jane’s classes, this is truely a numinous experience.)

And not that I think God did this to teach me empathy, but I really think that this experience will allow me to be a better and more empathetic Obsterician.  Never before has that calling been so strong to me as it is right now.  If I had ever doubted that this was really the path I was supposed to take, this has solidified in my heart of hearts that I am truely called to be a physician.

So in my irrational, hormonal moment I would like to ask each of you to stop, thank your Lord for baby Eli.  And for my health.  And pray for healing in our family.  And if you have children, hug them tight and praise God for them, too.  

Well, it’s late…and I’ve had a long day. I love you all, and thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, phone calls and texts. (If I haven’t responded to you yet…I will. I promise!)

One more thing.  I know some people like details, and others don’t.  For those of you who do, keep reading.

I started cramping last weekend.  I had some light-very light-spotting on Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday night I had pretty nasty cramps, but it seemed to pass.  But I just didn’t feel good about it.  I didn’t tell many people-only 3 actually-Marshall, Jennifer Bartley(for advice; she’s an OB), and my friend Betsy(she straight up asked me-I guess she saw it on my face).   Anyway, I called the office on Monday.  They said I could come in for an ultrasound if I wanted, but I chose not too.  Honestly, I knew things weren’t right.  I just think I wasn’t quite ready to accept it.  Monday evening, all day Tuesday, and most of Wednesday the bleeding was pretty scarce.  But on Wednesday afternoon, the bleeding got worse.  I went in, and as soon as I saw the embryo on the screen, I could tell there was no heartbeat.  Yes, my heart sunk to my toes.  Yes, I cried.  Yes, it sucks.  But I’m doing okay now.  I know bad moments and days will come, but right now I’m okay.  Anyway, that was at 3:30.  And after that, things went quickly.  I was sent to registration and pre-op.  And before I knew it, it was time for the D&C.  Coming from most people, this next statement would probably be weird, but you all already know I’m a little nuts.  🙂  I did take some comfort in knowing exactly how the D&C works and how it’s done.  I saw several being done when I shadowed Drs. Chance, Bartley and Cook this summer.   It’s quick, efficient, and relatively painless(some mild cramping now).  But most of all, for me at least, it’s almost emotionally cathartic to know that everything is now gone-except that little spot in my heart where Eli will always live.


The store cashier to Tucker:  Have you been good this year so that Santa will bring you some good toys?

Tucker: Well…….I’m good now.

Howdy, Partner!

cowboy tucker   cowgirl emmie   cowgirl ella

Tucker has been talking about cowboys at school, and yesterday he came home with a cowboy hat.  Here are just a few of the pictures we’ve taken with the hat.  It’s really been funny! (You can click on each picture to see an enlarged view!)

Turkey Art

ThanksgivingCraft01 ThanksgivingCraft02

Lydia made a really cute turkey at school out of a toilet paper roll and a coffee filter.  Today, Carter and I made a pumpkin turkey.  You just find a pumpkin that sits so that the stem is in front instead of up top(so that it looks like the beak).  Cut out “feathers” from fall-colored papers and tape them to bamboo skewers that you use for barbecuing.  Then you just stick the skewers into the pumpkin, draw on some eyes, and you’ve got a fun Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey!