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Coming soon to a mailbox near you…

I put our Christmas cards in the mailbox today, so you should be getting them soon!  I hope that you like them.  The chosen card had some stiff competition, but I think ultimately the best card won.  🙂  Check out the top 6 losers for this year…

(Oh!  Just because you see it here, doesn’t mean that I’ll never use the idea.  As a matter of fact, I liked one of them so much that I had a handful of them printed anyway, just for the fun of it…maybe some of you will be seeing one of those this year, too??) 

Number 6:  For my other Colbert-lovin’ friends.   (Sorry this one isn’t very clear when you enlarge it…I had to deal with what the Colbert Report put out).



Number 5: I’m sorry, but I love corny jokes! 


Number 4:  


Number 3: You gotta love this face!!



Number 2: No, I didn’t actually do this to them-it’s photoshopped in.  I didn’t think that they were quite old enough to understand that it’s just for a joke.  But one day…one day…


The Number 1 Reject Christmas Card of 2007: Ok…this is just funny! 


That’s it for now, but the winner should be showing up in your mailbox(or-for some of you-you email inbox) soon!