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We're still here.

Sorry to all my faithful readers(all 7 of you!).  It’s been over a week since I last blogged, but it’s been a busy one.  Marshall finished residency.  We packed up what we could and drove down to my parents house.  (We’re living with them for 3 months until our house is ready.)  We didn’t get all of our stuff in one trip, so we had to go back yesterday to get some more stuff and bring it here to store in my dad’s workshop.  But now we’re done.  We’ll go back occasionally to check on things and do a little cleaning.  But hopefully it will sell soon.  It’d be nice to only have one house payment at a time!  If we could just get it sold before October, that’d be great!

Anyway, living with my parents has been going pretty well so far.  The kids love it!  They think we’re on vacation.  It’s nice to have extra hands around to help.  It’s also been nice to have Marshall around a lot more, too!  It’s so good to be done with residency!!  We had a good “vacation” week.  We didn’t go anywhere, but just enjoyed some down time.

But he starts his new job tomorrow.  Kind of crazy, huh?  But he has a nice, new office with a nice, new desk.  Nothing else, but that’s a start, right?   We’ve ordered a bookshelf and filing drawers.  We’re working on getting a laptop for him.  He and the senior partner at work are going to talk this week about “going digital” at the office.  They have very limited computer use there; they actually still use a paper appointment book to schedule visits!  So hopefully they can gradually get up-to-date!

But the kids and I will be hanging around here, trying not to destroy my parent’s house.   I’m sure we’ll try to swim a little, and go to the library, and maybe even eat lunch with Daddy every now and then!  I’m really hoping to do some fun art stuff with them, too.  Maybe I’ll actually remember to take pictures this time!  I have virtually no pictures from the past week because my camera was still packed up.  But it’s back out and we’ll be out searching for new fun places to have “photo shoots”!  Keep your eyes out for some new pictures soon…

One last thing: If you thought sharing a computer with 2 people was hard, try sharing with 5!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some blogging done during the day while everyone else is at work.  Keep coming back…I’ll be back to my usual ramblings soon!