An attempt.

I’m trying to pull myself out of the funk. I thought that maybe if I wrote something, I’d get some juices flowing and get back into the swing of things. I love blogging and reading blogs, and I hate it when I have nothing to say. So…here goes my writing practice. Read if if you want-but my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t. (Plus I’ll never really know, will I?) It’s a meme-type thing that I stole from citystreams(who stole it from Bethany Actually). They’re both really great bloggers, so you should mosey on over to read theirs, too. Ok…enough procrastinating. Get started already!

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say To Ten Different People Right Now(if had the confidence to do so):
1. I feel bad about the time I said something about your hair. I never brought it up again, but I think about it sometimes and it makes me sad that I made you feel bad. I don’t know if you remember it or not, but if you do: I’m sorry.
2. It’s usually not you who deserves my yelling, fussing, complaining, etc. But I’m thankful that you usually take it so well and know that it’ll all blow over soon.
3. I can’t wait to met you IRL.
4. I love the sound of your voice, especially when you sing.
5. I miss you most when I find a great bargain and want to call someone and tell them all about it.
6. I would kill for hair like yours!
7. I wish I spent more quality time with you. It’s my own fault that I don’t, and I don’t know what keeps holding me back.
8. I know that you think I’ll never attain some of the goals I have for myself, and I will prove you wrong.
9. I’m a Democrat…most of the time. I just usually keep my mouth shut. I hope that if you ever do find out, you won’t care. But I have a feeling that you would care, and that kind of makes me sad. I wish we could all celebrate our differences.
10. I only met you once, but you left a big impression on me. I hate that I never got the chance to get to know you, and I hope that your daughter has lots of people to always remind her how wonderful a person you were.

Nine Things About Myself:
1. I love Diet Coke.
2. I really love pasta.
3. I love kisses from my kids even more than coke or pasta.
4. I’m pretty crafty(in an arts and crafts kind of way), when I put my mind to it.
5. I wish I had more time to be craftier.
6. I am a Christian, but I really strive to be aware and sensitive to other’s beliefs and ideals.
7. Music moves me in ways that nothing else can. 
8. I love to read mindless “chick lit“.
9. I am getting really excited about our new house!

Eight Ways To Win My Heart:
1. Make me laugh.
2. Make a lemonade cake just for me.
3. Clean my house.
4. Babysit.
5. Massage my shoulders, head and neck.
6. Give me moo-lah!
7. Take me on a shopping spree! Whee!
8. Be excited about something I’m excited about!

Seven Things That Cross My Mind A Lot:
1. I hope I never run over a child(mine or somebody else’s) with my car.  It’s one of my biggest fears in life, and I think about it almost every time I turn on my car.
2. Man, Marshall is really good to me!
3. I (heart) my munchkins!
4. I really wish I could not throw up today.
5. I wish Target was a little closer.
6. How cute is that??
7. I wish I were more patient…

Six Things That I Do Before I Fall Asleep:
1. Check my email.
2. Brush my teeth.
3. Take my meds.
4. Brush my hair.
5. Silence my cell phone.
6. Often, read.

Five People Who Mean A Lot:
(Seriously?? Only five??)
1. Marshall
2. Tucker
3. Emmie
4. #3A, who doesn’t yet have a name
5. You (Did you really think that I could name one more without getting in trouble with somebody?)

Four Things I Am Wearing Right Now:
1. Uncomfortable maternity jeans
2. An uncharacteristically pink shirt
3. Not one, but two barrettes. I hate when my hair is in my face!
4. My go-to black necklace with an I-have-no-clue-what-it-means Chinese symbol on it

Three Songs That I Listen To Often(currently):
1. Glory, Glory to Old Georgia
2. Edelweiss
3. The More We Get Together

Two Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Become a doctor
2. Take Marshall to Europe

One Confession:
1. I wish I was a better mother. It may be conceited of me to say, but I’m really good with other people’s kids. I have much more patience with them than with mine. I plan more and do more activities as a babysitter than as a mother. I don’t yell at other people’s kids. I don’t put them off just so I can read or watch something on TV or make a phone call.  I wish I would be better at managing and maximizing my time with the kids.  And I have to admit that there are many times when I wonder whether or not I would appreciate them more-and they me-if I worked outside the home.  If we had less time together, would I be better about spending quality time with them when I was home?

No Responses to An attempt.
  1. citystreams
    August 26, 2008 | 4:32 pm

    This is great! As far as the last one goes, I think it’s different now because you’re pregnant and you’re in a new place. It’s not you. You’re an awesome Mama! And I want to learn how to make a lemonade cake now, because I don’t have enough moo-lah for a shopping spree. ;o)

  2. Jesse
    August 26, 2008 | 6:06 pm

    We’re going to have to talk about who you said those 10 things to when you visit next weekend!

  3. Peapodsquadmom
    August 27, 2008 | 1:31 pm

    Hey…if I knew how to make a lemonade cake (or even what one was), I’d make it for you. Seriously. I would. Right. Now. While the kids nap.

    Hope you’re feeling better. Hope you don’t throw up today. Hope you know I adore you no matter what your party affiliation. 🙂

    Oh, and I would LOVE for Target to be closer. Ugh…I hate that drive.

  4. Jennifer
    August 30, 2008 | 8:35 pm

    So that one about loving someone’s voice especially when they sing? that is what you want to say to me, right?