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I'm sorry.

I haven’t posted in a long, long time…because I’ve been knee-high in boxes for a long, long time. We LOVE the new house, but it’s still a disaster area! The kitchen is finally set up and the kids each have usable bedrooms…but that’s about it. I finally ordered my new living room furniture, but it won’t be here for 6-8 weeks! 🙁 I guess we’ll just have to keep out the fold out chairs until then. I have to admit that I’ve made a make shift chaise lounge out of boxes and old comforters. It’s not so bad until I try to heave my huge, pregnant booty up off the floor! 🙂

We had dinner “guests” for the first time tonight; my parents and brother. They’d eaten here before, but it was only take out and it was on paper plates. So…tonight I tried a new recipe for Maple Pork Chops with Apples.  It was such and easy and yummy recipe that it’s sure to become a staple here. 

We also had some broccoli that I steamed in the newish Ziplock Zip n’ Steam bags. In only six minutes I had perfectly steamed, absolutely delightful broccoli!  Cut up fresh broccoli, shake in some Italian seasoning, steam in the microwave, and then pour on a little butter and garlic salt.  Heaven, I tell you.

We did take a break from packing this weekend to go to the “big” fair about an hour away.  It was misting some, but never a full rain.  We only rode 2 little rides, but the kids had a blast!  They really enjoyed riding the ponies, seeing the big horses, and sampling the food goodies.  Tucker likes cotton candy and Em loves caramel apples with sprinkles.  I have some pretty cute pictures, but I can’t seem to find my cord that connects my camera to the computer.  So…soon (I hope!) we’ll have some pictures up of not only the fair, but our house, too!  I want to have at least something on the walls before I take pictures! 

Your regularly scheduled blog will return soon! In the meantime, go check out the pork recipe and enjoy a yummy and easy dinner!