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A day of numbers

Ok…so I promised a brilliant post.  This probably won’t be nearly as exciting for all of you as it was for me, but here is a run down of my day in a way I’ve never thought about it before: numerically.

120/80-my blood pressure at the doctor’s office!!
1-flu shot I got today. Don’t forget to get one for yourself. They’re important!
0-times I listened to Raffi, or any other “kid” music today.
33-people on my christmas gift list this year.
3-number of gifts i need to buy to complete my christmas list. (Go ahead…be jealous! I’m awesome!)
4-hours of “me” time today. (Thanks, Marshall…you’re awesome!)
1.91-the price I paid for gas today. Woo-hoo!
8-the maximum number of weeks before we meet the newest Ivey.
11:30-the time I hope to be in the bed. Goodnight, all!