Daily Archives: 10:47 pm

And the fun never ends…

We went to the mountains this weekend and had a great time!  We made smores, played skee ball and whack-a-mole, jumped in a bouncy house and did a little “rock climbing”.  (2 & 4 year olds aren’t very good at rock climbing, btw.)

AND Marshall’s OFF work ALL WEEK!  We were supposed to go visit Marshall’s sister this week…but then Uncle Sam decided that he needed our money more than we did.  So all of our trip money(plus some) went to the IRS.  😛   Stupid government!  (No, I’m still not a Republican.)  But Marshall had already blocked his schedule and made arrangements to be out at work, so he decided to just have some time at home.  Yay!

AND then next weekend we’re going to see all of Marshall’s family as we celebrate his grandmother’s NINTIETH birthday!

But in all the going and doing, I haven’t had much time to write or blog read(my poor Google Reader is so full) or call or email…I haven’t even had time to read a book, and I always make time to read a book!  I have had time to Twitter.  That’s quick and easy.  And fun!

Before I go crash for the night, I’ll leave you with one little funny from the weekend.  Carter and I were walking out of the grocery store and the automatic door opened for us.  He so very Southern-ly(is that word??) and politely said: “Why thank you, door.”  Too cute!