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The One About the Mechanic.

Most of you know that we recently purchased a new car.  As we were driving around looking at our options, I mentioned this fact: Whenever I go in to have my car serviced or washed or whatever, I feel the need to change the radio station.  If I happen to have a Broadway musical blaring right before I get there, I change the station.  If  I happen to be listening to “easy listening”, I change the station.  If I happen to be listening to kid music, I change the station.  (You get the point.)

I wait until I see the mechanic before I change the station.  Does (s)he look like a rock fan?  What about country? Rap?  Reggae ?  Why do I even care??

Marshall informed me that he he does the same exact thing(well, minus the Broadway stuff…but he did totally use “Huey Lewis & the News” in his example of a CD he must eject before taking his car in!)

I’m not really sure why I do this.  I don’t really care what the mechanic thinks about my musical preferences or what it means about me.  I’m not even sure (s)he actually does care or even notices.  And if (s)he does…what of it?  The mechanic is perfectly able to change the station or just turn it off.  I mean they don’t have a problem moving my perfectly set seat, mirrors and lumbar settings…so why wouldn’t they change the music, too?

Does anybody else do that?  Or are we just weird?  (I’m gonna go with weird until somebody backs me up on this one.)

p.s. I used “(s)he” because I want to make sure that everyone knows that I’m not being sexist.  If a girl wants to be a mechanic, more power to ya, sister!  But using (s)he is a bit more tedious than expected, and I probably won’t do it again.  🙂