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I got back from BlogHer on Monday evening.

Tuesday was a blur.

So was most of Wednesday.

I worked today, went to a retirement party, and tried(semi-unsuccessfully) to get my photos up for you all to see.
(They’re on Facebook.  So if we’re Facebook friends, you can see them there.
I’m working on getting them on Flickr.  I didn’t like me tonight.)

And tomorrow morning I’m supposed to pack up and head out of town again.

And although it’s just an overnight trip(for which I have not yet packed!),
and although I really want to go,
and although I can’t wait to see my best friend(it’s really been too long)…

I’m tired.

And overwhelmed.

And I did it to myself.
Like I always do.

I keep forgetting that my baby girl is turning 3 on Sunday.
How is that possible?
How can she really be three years old?