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Happy Holidays

For the past 8 years I’ve sent out Christmas cards.  Usually homemade and usually with a letter.  And I try to add a personalized note to each one, too.  Because I’m an over-achiever like that.  Well, I was.  I’ve slacked off on a lot of stuff this past year.  Something about having a third kid and a job that just sucks the time into a vacuum, never to be found again.

So this year I don’t have time to make them.
And I haven’t yet written a “summary of 2009” letter.
And I still haven’t decided if I’m actually going to even send out cards.

I do love Christmas cards.

I don’t, however, love the post office.

I do love licking envelopes.

I don’t love addressing them.

I do love writing little personalized notes to each person.

I don’t love feeling rushed.

Just about the time my desire to avoid the post office at all costs had almost outweighed my desire to show off my cute kids, I saw that Megan over at AMomTwoBoys was hosting a bloggy holiday card exchange.  I can now solve my problem by posting a holiday card here!

If you’re lucky, you’ll probably get a 2009 wrap-up at the end of the year.
Because really?  I don’t write that thing for y’all, I write it for me.  It’s fun to look back over the year and see how things have changed.

Double Dip Chocolate Chip

Oh my heavens folks, have I found a great recipe!
It’s another Taste of Home favorite.
(They still have yet to let me down!)

Quick.  Easy.  Delicious.